High Schools Debate Championship

An annual national platform for top high school debaters and public speakers. The HSDC employs the internationally recognized World School Debate style and a practically designed public speaking format to enhance the continuous development of participants. Regional rounds run in various regions during the academic year. Regional finalists are invited for a residential national round in Accra.

To participate in one of the regional round as a school , send an email to

Mangana Invitational

We invite the best performing high schools in Africa to the model city of Accra for a 4-day debating and cultural exchange program. Mangana provides a prestigious platform to prepare high school students for global citizenship and leadership. World renowned facilitators run sessions on pertinent social issues, leadership grooming and career guidance alongside a world class debate competition.

Accra Open

Accra Open Debate Championship is the first open debate tournament in West Africa. Since 2015, we have been bringing together the brightest university students and graduates accross the continent to engage local and global issues using the British Parliamentary style of debate.

Genesis Open Debate

Annual debate tournament with a main focus on providing a special platform for new debaters in Africa. Happening at every first week of January in a selected city in Africa, Genesis is perhaps, the first British Parliamentary debate tournament in the calender year. The competition was established in 2018.

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