Speech Forces is recruiting volunteers to handle the organization’s activities and programs for 2023. As a reputable speech and critical thinking non-profit in West Africa, we run programs targeted at early childhood development, high schools, tertiary institutions and local communities in Ghana and Nigeria across the year.

Our programs at all levels incorporate the tools of public speaking and critical thinking skills that provides a holistic development for young people to build 21st century skills to transform themselves and their communities. Volunteers help to advance the work we do at speech forces because they bring a wide variety of perspectives and skills which lends an invaluable element of dynamism to the organization. As a volunteer for Speech Forces, you will work actively with team of the organization.

The ideal volunteer is one who: 

            • is passionate about the younger generation.
            • is self driven.
            • has strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
            • is enthusiastic and friendly
            • is comfortable working with children & young people.
            • can perform their role with little to no supervision.

If this sounds like you, proceed to fill the form below:


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