In July 2014, Speech Forces was founded as a volunteer group to assist with the development of critical thinking in high schools across the country. The first group of volunteers were drawn from KNUST and University of Ghana. These were the two active debating institutions at the time, and their effort laid the firm foundation for what Speech Forces has become. The mandate was simple, the project was to help fill the gaps in thinking and confidence building that is evident in our education sector.

For what started as a voluntary outreach project, Speech Forces has grown to become a household name for speech and critical thinking organization in West Africa.

Our work empowers young people of all backgrounds to think critically on issues, appreciate differences in perspectives, find simple solutions to complex problems and build confidence to engage the many challenges apparent in our world.

We envision a world in which there are no barriers to the access of leadership, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative skills for organizations, communities and people of all backgrounds.

Speech Forces creates platforms and supports a diverse community of people and organizations committed to the development of critical thinking and expressive skills.

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