The 2024 Ghana National Debate Team trials list has been released. About 96 students from high schools across Ghana will compete for coveted positions on the Ghana National Debate Team, which represents Ghana in prestigious international debate competitions like the World Schools Debate Championship and the National Speech and Debate Tournament in the USA. In the lead-up to these trials, high school students with a passion for debate, both from public and private schools, submitted their applications online. These applications underwent a thorough review by a dedicated team of experienced debaters and coaches to identify the most promising candidates. Scheduled to take place on September 23rd and 24th at Academic City University College, the two-day trial event aims to evaluate participants’ research, critical thinking, social, and public speaking skills. It will include both prepared and impromptu debate rounds, providing a comprehensive assessment of the candidates’ abilities. The Ghana National Debate Team is excited to welcome all the students who made it to the trial list and its best wishes to every participant, hoping to assemble a formidable team to represent Ghana on the global stage. Checkout the trial list via the links below: 2024 Trialists 1 2024 Trialist 2

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