DebateKids Club is a writing and critical thinking program designed to train children to be critical, confident, analytical, and expressive with the goal to make them fully functional as global citizens. The World Economic Forum lists critical thinking and decision making skills as part of the top 10 skills for the future. Speech Forces is committed to leveraging on our expertise to provide cutting-edge support for children with the help of schools and families.

The program is carefully designed with interactive lessons and fun-filled activities to engage children productively. Our innovative curriculum prioritizes civil discourse and critical thought even at such early point of human development. DebateKids will learn and participate in basic research, persuasive writing, argumentative discourse, confidence building as well as speaking and listening skills in a safe and structured environment. Additionally, there is Debate & Public Speaking League to promote practice and keep track of progress.

Enrollment for DebateKids 23′ is ongoing.

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