Accra Open gave me the opportunity to travel across the continent, meet great people from different cultures and backgrounds, eat amazing food, and compete at the highest level. I always look forward to Accra Open every year, and I want to thank Speech Forces for putting together such an amazing competition.

Njuguna Macharia
Champion, Accra Open 2021 & 2022 Kenya

It was my honour and delight to award Eric, the founder of Speech Forces, the 221st Commonwealth Points of Light award on behalf of her Majesty The Queen. Their work to support young people across West Africa to feel able really to express themselves has changed lives as these same young people go on to further education, internships and careers feeling empowered and confident.

Harriet Thompson
British High Commissioner to Ghana

My experience at all Speech Forces tournaments have been very positive and empowering, where I have enjoyed the company of some of the greatest debaters and have been forged by their minds through competition and interaction. Speech Forces would continually occupy a special place in our hearts and hopefully grow thereby taking debate to every ends of Africa.

Erasmus Mawuli Segbefia
Analyst, Bank of America