HANGOUT EP1|| Should Ghana legalize "OKADA" ?

HANGOUT EP2|| Should the state use the military to clampdown Western Togoland secessionists

HANGOUT EP3|| Will AFCFTA improve economic integration in Africa

#EndSARS in Nigeria (The Hangout Edition)

Theophilus Saki Sosi and Joseph Mireku Battle it out in episode 1 of the Hangout Debate series. They debate on one of the most recent controversial topics in Ghanaian Politics; The Legalization of “Okada” in Ghana

Joseph Mireku, winner for the previous episode of the HangOut debate, faces off Nii Komey on the issue about whether a military clampdown in Western Togoland is necessary or not.

David Ejim challenges Nii Komey on the viability of the AFCTA in improving economic and political integration amongst African nations. 

The #EndSARS protest in Nigeria aims to stop brutality and reform the country’s police force. This discussion focused on the origins of the issue and the approach the protests are using to address the situation.